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Guide: How to post images that are hosted "off-site"
« on: July 20, 2009, 02:43:00 PM »
Here a quick guide on how to add images to your posts without attaching them   :thumbsup:

This is handy as there's no limit to the number that you can post. It also saves site resources as the images are hosted off-site and you'll be using someone else's bandwidth !

For this guide will will be using an image hosting site called Image Shack

You don't need to set-up an account with them. Just upload your image and then you'll be offered various links to that image. Choose the correct link as mentioned in the examples below:


Example 1.

For this example you need you copy the link that appears in "Thumbnail for forums (1)" and paste it into your post when composing at the appropriate position.

It will give you a thumbnail image which in turn gives you the full size version when you click on it:

Example 2.

This example is "Hotlink for Forums (1)" on the generated links page.

The image is re-sized by the forum software to fit the post even if it's a big image. Clicking on the image will take you to ImageShack.

Example 3.

This appears to be the same as example 2 above but there is no link to ImageShack.

This example is a "Direct link to image". You can find this on your newly generated links page at ImageShack at the very top of the page !

Note: Before posting this link you need to enclose it in img tags as in the box below:


This will give you:

This image is actually 1280x854 px, however the forum software has re-sized the image to fit.


That's about it really. Don't forget you can use any other image hosting company instead of ImageShack, just google "image hosting"

Alternative Method - Attachments

Alternatively you can attach an image to your posts.

Whilst composing your post click on "Additional Options" beneath the composition box. You'll see "Attach". Browse to the image on your PC and when you post the image will appear as an attachment. You can attach the following file types:

doc, gif, jpg, mpg, pdf, png, txt, zip, djm, dat

You are allowed 4 attachments per post and each must not exceed 200kb. However, the total of the 4 images must also not exceed 450kb per post. If you have a lot of images just spread them over several posts.

Cheers - Admin
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