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BSB at Brands
« on: April 07, 2010, 10:44:37 PM »
Great day out. VERY VERY  cold. Watched the 1st race from the Kentagon. Great racing, good fun hoping to go to a couple more this year.
Swan Honda - Where is all your gear? Worx Suzuki- well done Tommy Hill. Still bought a Relentless beanie as a white one just did not seem right.
Highlights= sitting on BMW1300s very nice - good riding position. Why the plastic tank - crazy!
S1000RR =lovely bike, too small for a 40 Yr old or am I gettin' too big? Nice though.
GS = Lovely-like a house,  about as  big too!
800GS= Felt very at home like I felt 1st time on the Fixer! :icon_cheers:
Triumph street triple= love it but cripled myself- too high on the footpegs,.
Tiger and ST liked them both. Are they gettin a bit old though?
Speed triple seemed to fit just right.
Yamaha- with those price rises-lets not even go there! :BangHead:
Girls with red fright wigs, bikinis and 5 degrees. Ace. Could not tell if their goose bumps were bigger or their ......
All the best,
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